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Feature Film 108 mins

Set in the heart of rural England, Rudy finds her relationship with her father being tested. Stuck as a proxy parent to her younger siblings and dealing with a recent loss, she feels increasingly pushed out when her home gets opened up to a paying guest. Through a newfound friendship with a boy from Coventry, she discovers fun, freedom and autonomy, but is it at the sacrifice of unspoken family wounds?

RUDY is a poignant insight into love, loss and moving on.


Esther McCormick  Darren Day  Kanune Morrissey  

Rustie Lee  Sylvia Lorden

Directed by Shona Auerbach

Written by Diane Allton and Shona Auerbach

Original Score by Akira Kosemura

Produced by Shona Auerbach and Graeme Dunn

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We shot in Warwickshire and Coventry UK, using a minimal crew and a lot of support from the local community.

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